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Who Are We?

CIOFF® is a group of national representative’s of non-profit local art festivals organizations. As a non-government organization, CIOFF® is the authorized consultative for UNESCO.

The CIOFF® main office is located in France, Confelens, Charente Department which was founded in August 10, 1970 where according to the French law, in particular the law resolution in July 1st 1901 that forming associations are the common people’s right.

Indonesia became a member of CIOFF® in 2003 due to our many art clubs all over the nation and Indonesia’s many participation in CIOFF® festivals all over the world since 1980, and Mr. Said Rachmat sits as the President of National Section in CIOFF® Indonesia.

In each country, CIOFF® has a national section, where each section has national sectors from each province of a country, and work together in maintaining our nation’s character. In accordance with their mission, in every activity that CIOFF®Indonesia holds, all types of art organizations, musicians, dancers, poets, vocalists and theater plays come together and create authentic and contemporary performances.

All this time CIOFF® Indonesia has collaborated with many art clubs, schools (from elementary to universities), local art clubs and our nation’s art and culture lovers, especially people from the provinces they represent.

Said Rachmat

Said RachmatPresident of CIOFF Indonesia

Ayu Wiranti

Ayu WirantiSecretary General

Ika Shanty

Ika ShantyTreasury

Nadia Vijanti

Nadia VijantiPublic Relations 1

Yovika Wizuraida

Yovika WizuraidaPublic Relations 2

Nur Kusuma Ngarasati

Nur Kusuma NgarasatiMarketing

Citra Natasya

Citra NatasyaRepresentative CIOFF Indonesia for Unesco National Commission and Head of Youth Section

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