50th Anniversary CIOFF

  • Location at: CIOFF Indonesia

About Festival

#TOGETHERFORCULTURE CIOFF 50th Golden Anniversary This year is the 50th Anniversary of CIOFF.

CIOFF Members across all National Sections were celebrating in their own way. CIOFF Indonesia was supposed to held a concert in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, in commemorating CIOFF 50th Anniversary, inviting communities to collaborate and perform Indonesian traditional arts. But, this year is different. This pandemic has bring disruption to our lives, and we are forced to change and adapt to the new situation. Faced with a challenging time, we are eager to celebrate CIOFF’s golden year, despite the condition we are in. Believing that culture is one thing that we all have in common in CIOFF, we can still celebrate this together, in a different way. Converting to online event, CIOFF Indonesia aims to promote the diversity of Indonesian traditional arts to not only locals but also international audience. Ideas sparked to invite other countries to engage in a collaboration and join us in the celebration, showcasing glory in peace and diversity as known in CIOFF’s vision and mission.

Truly this year is different, where distance unifies, and friendships across countries bond even stronger.

Let’s celebrate beauty in diversity and come #TOGETHERFORCULTURE

Concert Credits:

Director by Said Rachmat

Producer by Diza Nasution

Executive Producer by Citra Natasya

Assistant Directeor by Ravanya Parawansa, Gayatri A. Larasati

DOP by Jaka Santri

Unit Production by Dimas Hawari, Della M, Shafira, Syafira Afinsaputri

Editor : Puti Anindya, Dimas Hawari

Costume Coordinator : Yunita H. Gunawan